Message from the Chief

Edgewood Police Chief Robert C. PayneAs the Chief of Police for the Borough of Edgewood, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and say that it is a pleasure to oversee the police department in such a nice community. I continue to see more reasons every day that make this borough stand out as one of the nicer communities in Allegheny County.

I want to express my gratitude toward the residents here in the borough.  Your continued support of the police department is truly appreciated and does not go un-noticed.  In this day and age a lot of communities across the country are struggling to maintain or develop positive relationships with the police.  I am proud to say that our relationship with the community is a great one and I would like to see it remain that way.  Keeping our streets safe is a full-time job for all of us here in the police department, a job that cannot be done effectively if it wasn’t for your cooperation and support.

The Edgewood Police Department will continue to focus on the need to preserve our borough’s reputation as that of a safe, clean, and enjoyable place to live, work, and visit.  We will continue to maintain our visibility on your streets through traffic enforcement and proactive patrols.  Our response to your calls will be in a timely fashion, conducted in a professional manner, and will be handled fairly and courteously.  I would not expect anything less from the officers that work here and neither should you.  I believe we have a solid department made up of officers who appreciate your support as much as I do, and demonstrate this through their hard work and commitment to the community they serve.  Again, thanks for all you do to make our work easier and Edgewood Borough a great place to be a part of.

Robert C. Payne
Chief of Police
Edgewood Police Department


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