Vehicles & Equipment

The Edgewood Police Department currently maintains a fleet of Ford police vehicles.  The department has several fully marked Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and a fully marked Ford Explorer for patrol operations.  All of the vehicles are equipped with overhead L.E.D. emergency lightbars and siren systems.  Edgewood police officers are individually assigned to vehicles and generally do not ride in pairs.  This method increases the amount of police vehicle presence in the community, thus better aiding our efforts to deter crime and dangerous driving.

In addition to emergency lights and a siren, each police vehicle also contains a mobile radio system, video recording system, mobile data terminal (MDT), 12 gauge shotgun, and other emergency and safety related equipment.  The MDTs allow officers on patrol to check license plates, driverís licenses and various items against PennDOT files.  The program also checks these records against state (C.L.E.A.N.) and federal (N.C.I.C.) wanted persons and stolen vehicle records.  Officers searching typically return results within seconds of entering the information into the MDT.

  Edgewood Police Vehicles  Edgewood Police Vehicles  Edgewood Police Vehicles  Edgewood Police Vehicles

Click any picture to see a larger view.  Captions:

From Left to Right:  1: A marked Ford Crown Victoria "Police Interceptor" patrol car.  2: Reflective decals ensure that marked police vehicles are highly visible at night.  3: The interior of a patrol car, complete with a mobile data terminal (MDT), digital video recording system, light and siren controls and a mobile radio system.  4: Another look at the interior of a patrol car showing the rear partition that separates prisoners in the rear seat from the officer(s).

Edgewood police officers participate in many other law enforcement updates and classes, in addition to the training already outlined.  Officers are required by MPOETC to attend annual legal updates in order to maintain their police officer certifications.  Officers also receive training and obtain certifications to use state and federal criminal databases and to perform First Aid/CPR if necessary.  Some officers may also have other certifications and training that allow them to operate chemical breath testing equipment, serve as firearms instructors, and specialize in other facets of police work.

The Edgewood Police Department is committed to providing its officers with the proper training and tools to do their jobs safely and effectively.  This commitment helps to ensure that the Borough of Edgewood continues to remain a safe, clean, and pleasant environment to live, work and play in.   

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