About Edgewood and the Pittsburgh Area

On this page you will find links to Edgewood Community organizations.  The Borough of Edgewood does not specifically endorse any community organization , but welcomes information from all Edgewood community organizations subject to editing by the Borough.

Community Organizations

The Edgewood Foundation

The Edgewood Foundation is devoted to promoting and enhancing the cultural, social, and educational environment of Edgewood life for all residents. Visit the Edgewood Foundationís website .

The Edgewood Symphony Orchestra

The Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, as we know it today, was formed in 1987 from the Wilkinsburg Civic Symphony, and is now one of the premier community symphonies. It is composed of amateur volunteers from more than 40 communities and four countries. Visit the website of the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra.

First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood

The life of Mission at First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood is very strong and stretches into many areas, including the Mission Ministry Team, Presbyterian Women, Deacons, and the good will of congregation members. You can visit the website of the Edgewood First Presbyterian Church.

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association

The Nine Mile Run Watershed is a small urban watershed located in Pittsburgh's East End.  Measuring just 6.5 square miles in area, the watershed is home to numerous  projects and initiatives, including the largest urban stream restoration in the U.S.   Learn more at www.ninemilerun.org

Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

For more than a century, the oldest day school in the country devoted to teaching the deaf, the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf has been located in the heart of Edgewood.  WPSD is a non-profit, tuition-free school for deaf and hard-of hearing children from birth through 12th grade. WPSD, the largest comprehensive deaf education center in Pennsylvania, provides academic and extracurricular programs to over 300 children from 138 school districts and 53 counties statewide.

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