Edgewood Borough Emergency Services Department

About the Emergency Services Department

The department, which is open weekdays from 8 AM to 12 midnight, is staffed by two full-time and three part-time employees. Although the title has changed, a lot of the duties of the department remain the same as when it was the communications department.

Emergency service employees can assist you in leaving voice mail messages for specific officers. Many of the clerical duties of the police department are handled here as well.  

Emergency services employees can assist individuals with the purchase of police reports and accept payment for parking ticket and  false alarm fines during normal business hours.  For your convenience, ticket payments can be made after normal business hours and on weekends in the payment drop box located on the wall to the left of the Borough building's main entrance. 

One of the key roles of the department is responding to fire-related emergencies. From 8 AM until midnight, the Emergency service employees are responsible for driving and operating the Borough’s fire apparatus for emergency calls. In recent years, the volunteer fire department has seen an increase in assists to other agencies, vehicle accidents, and fire-related responses. Emergency service employees play an important role in assuring that the department’s vehicles get to the scene in a timely and safe manner. In 2006 Emergency service employees responded to 148 fire-related calls for service.  

As a reminder to the residents of the borough, even though there is still someone here at the desk to answer phone calls, any emergency or non-emergency calls that would require police, ambulance or fire services to respond must be made to the Allegheny County 911 center. The 911 center is responsible for dispatching police and fire services throughout the Borough. This enables the 911 center to keep a record of all police, ambulance and fire-related calls for service.


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