2022 Purchase Parking Permits

2022 Borough parking passes go on sale Wednesday December 1, 2021.

Residents are encouraged to purchase On-Street Permits online.  Click the link below to be redirected to the parking permit store.

Payment types:  Discover, Mastercard and Visa ONLY.

Parking Permit Fees  

  • Resident On-Street Parking Permit $15
  • Visitor On-Street Parking Permit $15
  • Off-Street Lot Parking Permit $60
  • Commercial Vehicle Borough Parking Lot Only $150.00
  • Borough Parking Lot $240

In the permit store you can purchase resident on-street permits and visitor permits.  They will be mailed to you.

On Monday December 13, 2021, permits for the Ivy Street, Laurel Street, Oakview Avenue, and Willow Place off-street parking lots will be made available for purchase based upon requests. If more applications are received than there are available parking spaces, a lottery will be held. No resident will be issued a second permit for a lot until all initial requests are processed.

Residents applying for an off-street parking lot permit may apply in several ways:

  • You can print out a 2022 parking permit application and mail it or drop it off in the dropbox outside of the building.  Please enclose your $60 payment.  You will receive your lot permit via USPS once we process your application.
  • Another option is to complete the form and email it to EdgewoodESW@edgewoodboro.com.  Shortly after December 14, you will be emailed a payment link to securely pay be credit card.  You will receive your lot permit via USPS once we receive your payment.
  • You can apply in person at the borough building after December 14, 2021 and pay by cash, check, or credit card.  All visitors are required to wear a mask and access to the building may be limited based on any Health Department Orders or other Order in place at the time of your visit.

The above options also apply to the purchase of Resident and Visitor parking permits.

Anyone wishing to purchase a permit for a parking spot in the borough building parking lot must call for more information (412) 242-9994.

Checks and money orders must be made payable to Edgewood Borough, 2 Race Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218. Cash payments will only be accepted in person at the Borough Building.

Visitor Permits may be transferred from one visitor's car to another and is valid for the entire year. 

ALL PERMITS may still be purchased in person at the borough building from 8 am 10pm M-F, subject to possible restrictions based on any Health Department Order or other Order in place at the time of your visit.  A face cover (mask) is required for admittance to the borough building.

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