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Koenig Field Reservations

We are happy to see Koenig Field continue to be a space that residents can use to maintain their physical and mental health.  Groups or individuals engaged in an organized (i.e. leagues, social clubs, amateur associations, etc) sporting activity are required to apply for and receive a field use permit. Individuals or groups wanting dedicated tennis or pickleball court time are encouraged to reserve their desired space to ensure access.  Establishing a field use permit system ensures that field space is available for both groups and individuals to maximize recreational opportunities while ensuring equity amongst all users.

Scheduling preference will be given to Edgewood residents and then to other leagues, groups, clubs and associations. All facilities are open to the public unless otherwise reserved for organized use.  The public may use all other parts of Koenig Field at any time that are not reserved for organized play.

To make your request, please submit a completed Koenig Field Request Form and Waiver. The Koenig Field Diagram shows locations that can be reserved. A permit will be issued once everything is received and space is confirmed to be available. 

A fee schedule has been created, in order to best manage regular upkeep and maintenance on borough facilities.

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