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A Message from Edgewood Borough Council

As a service to its Planning Partners, the Southwestern PA Commission (SPC) has developed a Road Safety Audit program as part of its Transportation Operations & Safety planning efforts. An RSA is a proactive process that provides recommendations which can be implemented in stages as time and resources permit.

The aim of the RSA is to answer the following questions:

  • What elements of the road may present a safety concern?
    • To what extent?
    • To which road uses?
    • Under what circumstances?
  • What opportunities exist to eliminate or mitigate identified safety concerns?" (RSA Report, 2014; available on on the Edgewood Borough website)

In a response to the Regent Square Civic Association's request, Edgewood Borough and Swissvale Borough actively participated in an RSA, which occurred in April 2014. The Boroughs provided all crash data, previous police studies of the area, and made employees/officials available for RSA key person interview. The RSA team performed its audit of the roadway by looking at traffic patterns during morning and evening peak hours, off-hours, and at night to determine how the roadway... Read More

2015 Parking Permit Applications are Available

2015 Parking Permit Applications are available online.  Applications will be accepted starting December 1, 2014.  Please visit our Parking Permits page for more information.

New Ordinances

The borough of Edgewood recently approved three new proposed Ordinances at the March 16th meeting:

Chicken Keeping Paperwork

Along with the Chicken Keeping Ordninance, a Chicken Keeping Permit Application and a Chicken Keeping Checklist are now available in PDF form.

New Zoning Ordinances

On January 20, 2015 Edgewood Borough Council voted to approve an update to the zoning ordinance and subdivision and land development ordinance. Copies of the new ordinances can be found below, as well as a copy of the new zoning map.

We also have a new Zoning Applications page, featuring downloadable forms for Zoning Permit Applications and Zoning Hearing Board Applications.

New Allegheny County Outdoor Fire Pit Regulations

Outdoor recreational fire pits are allowed in Edgewood Borough, but must adhere to Allegheny County regulations.  New County Regulations include:

  • Fires must be at least 15 feet from the nearest dwelling or property line
  • Only clean wood, propane, natural gas, charcoal, fire logs, wood pellets and smokeless fire starters can be used.
  • Burning garbage is prohibited.

Reminder: Lock Up!

We would like to remind our residents to please keep the doors and windows of their homes and vehicles locked! It can be easy to forget this simple step in the summer months, but please help to keep our community safe by locking up your home and cars.

Edgewood Council Approves Sale of Parcel D

Edgewood Council has Approved an Agreement of Sale for Parcel D with McDonald’s USA.

Site had remained vacant for over 23 years.

The Agreement of Sale for the 7.4 acre lot, known as Parcel D, was approved by a unanimous vote of Council on April 1. The lot (located on Braddock Ave. beside the Edgewood Town Centre development) was previously advertised for sale several years ago without success, and more recently in July of 2012.

In July 2012, a bid of $500,000 from Cendeco, Inc. was accepted by Council. The deal later fell through. The lot was re-advertised in January 2013. Two bids were received and opened by Council on March 4: a bid of $500,000 from Cendeco and a bid of $600,000 from McDonald’s USA. After legal review, the highest responsible bid, made by McDonald’s USA, was accepted.

Parcel D was originally to be developed by Oxford Development as part of the Edgewood Town Centre complex, but after plans to develop the site were scrapped, the property was deeded back to the Borough in 1993. The lot has remained unoccupied since that date due to recorded covenants with existing businesses.

Borough Council determined that the cost of maintaining and repairing the empty lot, insurance costs, and the loss of potential tax revenue presented an unnecessary financial liability to Borough taxpayers.

Parcel D is zoned for business.

Sample Newspapers, Flyers, and Pamphlets

Lately certain areas of Edgewood have been inundated with sample newspapers, home service flyers, and pamphlets.  If the newspaper or flyer is from a specific organization such as the Post Gazette and you do not wish to receive them, please contact them to eliminate their delivery.  Please also pick them up from your property and do not leave them littering our community -- put them in a paper bag next to your recycling bin, or recycle them with other papers in the bins behind the Borough Building. 

Advisory - PennDOT & State Police Focus on Work Zone Safety on Parkway East

Increased Enforcement at the Squirrel Hill Tunnel

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Police are alerting motorists that troopers are conducting enforcement on the Parkway East (I-376) in the area of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel in the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, focusing on speeding and construction zones violations.

The Pennsylvania State Police have issued 131 citations and 15 written warnings since Jan. 1. Additionally, troopers have made 10 DUI arrests in that time frame. Enforcement activities will be ongoing through the duration of the project.

The speed limit through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel construction zone is 45 MPH. Motorists could face a 15 day driver’s license suspension if caught driving 11 miles per hour over the speed limit in an active work zone, or are involved in a crash in an active work zone and are convicted for failing to drive at a safe speed. Additionally, fines for certain violations are doubled in work zones.
PennDOT urges motorists to follow these tips when traveling through work zones:

  • Drive the posted speed limit;
  • Avoid distractions;
  • Be patient;
  • Turn on your headlights;
  • Stay alert and pay close attention to signs and flaggers;
  • Maintain a safe distance around vehicles and;
  • Always buckle up.

The $49.5 million Squirrel Hill Tunnel rehabilitation project includes updating electrical, lighting, air control and ventilation systems, structural repairs to the walls and arched ceiling, tile repairs, installation of a water line and other improvements. Overall work will conclude in summer 2014. The prime contractor is the Walsh Construction Company of Canonsburg.

PennDOT and Pennsylvania State Police officials are available for media opportunities on site.

Information on work zone safety is available at Log on to or call 511 from any phone to check traffic conditions on major roadways before traveling.

Sewer Regionalization Evaluation

The Sewer Regionalization Evaluation is now available for your review.  This report recommends a more regional approach to stormwater and wastewater management within the ALCOSAN service area.  To view the report, click here:  Sewer Regionalization Evaluation.  (Adobe Reader required.)

911 Center in Point Breeze Answers Calls Across County

Emergency calls of all kinds are handled at the Allegheny County 911 Communications Center  Edgewood Police Chief Robert Payne and Mayor Ed Cook visited the center for a tour of the facility.  Read the full article on

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

As part of an effort to effectively utilize Borough funds, the General Government Committee of Borough Council identified a need to have more accurate information about citizen satisfaction with some of the services provided by the Borough.

Toward that end, a citizen satisfaction survey was conducted in 2011.  You can review the results by downloading the Citizen Satisfaction Survey Report.   (Adobe Reader required.)

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